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10 Decor Ideas For Your Lake House

There is always room for improvement when renovating or decorating your home. The same is true for the lake house, whether it’s a vacation home or permanent residence. Owning a lake house is a big deal for many individuals, especially in countries that have lakes. Some people build the traditional cottage, while others prefer something modern. However, all of these options have room for decorations that enhance the experience of living in a lake house. If you are looking for ideas to improve your lake house’s appearance, check out these ten decor ideas.

Credit: @peabodysinteriors

Paddle Deco

This creation by Peabodysinteriors shows how you can make paddles into an extravagant design. The design uses six paddles and attaches them to the walls of the house. The placement of the paddles falls in line with the shape of the ceiling. They give the appearance of a headboard for the bed. Would you try this design?

Credit: @popofprettyblog

View Opportunity

Living by a lake means that there will be much to see outdoors. In most cases, there will be trees and a large body of water to view. This Popofprettyblog idea shows how you can use a small space with a window to enjoy the views outside. The creation works excellent as a nook; you can read a book and still take in the scenery.

Credit: @thepinesonrestlake

Indoor Ourdoor Living

Bringing indoor living outdoors is a widespread practice for many homeowners. Thepinesonrestlake shows how you can turn your lake house into a place to enjoy while outdoors yet being indoors. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but it is an effortless thing to accomplish. The large outdoor living area has lots of windows for maximum viewing of the scenery around.

Credit: @margaretofyork

Nautical Inspiration

The design shown here is a Margaretofyork idea that shows how you can create a nautical-inspired theme in your lake house. The mixture of navy blue and white colors gives the room the desired effect. The accessories on the wall and the chair complete the look. I am sure you will enjoy a space like this being so close to the lake.

Credit: @laker_lager_

Small Detailing Ideas

This laker_lager_ concept shows how important it is to enhance the details of your lake house. The minute decorations on the door and around the entryway help improve the property’s look and feel. The use of baskets and old metal containers for pots gives a nice ingenious touch to the home.

Credit: @monicaandnikki

Cabin Look

The cabin look hasn’t lost its appeal in the least way. MonicaandNikki proves that with their fantastic cabin styled interior design. The timber bed with its rustic look and the paddles on the wall seem to tell a story. The numerous accessories and paintings complete the look; it just has a cozy appearance.

Credit: @whitepineonwater

Outdoor Refreshment Stall

Living in a lakehouse has its perks, like spending lots of time outdoors or in the lake. This Whitepineonwater creation shows how the best of both worlds is possible by having a stall outside for refreshments and snacks. This idea allows you to stay close to the action without the need to go indoors for lunch.

Credit: @onecottageway

Extra Accommodation

Owning a lake house means that friends and family may want to come over at some point. If you are the type of person that loves to entertain, then you will need more room. Onecottageway shows how you can make that possible with limited space. The design focuses on turning the room into a place to sleep as most of the living will be outdoors.

Credit: @jubileehavencottage

Outlook Decorating

Many lake houses will have multiple windows to enjoy the scenery and feel a part of nature. If your home has lots of windows for viewing, you can add decorations around them like what Jubileehavencottage does in this image. The view is the focal point, so leaving the television elsewhere is a good idea.

Credit: @thewonderfulwhimsicaloz

Dog-Friendly Lake House

Many of us have dogs, so choosing an area in the home for the dogs to feel welcome is an excellent idea. This Thewonderfulwhimsicaloz concept shows how you can incorporate items in the house that seems dog-friendly. The dogs in the image show how welcome they feel and how easy it is to make room for them.

I hope you found these ten ideas inspiring and they give you the motivation you need. These designs show that making your lake house feel homey and look lovely isn’t that difficult. If you are looking to renovate or starting from scratch, maybe these styles are just what you need to get started. You can make these designs yours or include some aspect in your build.