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10 Exceptional Designs For Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the place in a home where we begin and end our day. It’s the room where you kick your feet up, relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Decorating this vital space should be equally as tranquil; But what goes into bathroom decor?

There are various aspects to creating the perfect look in any bathroom; choosing a flawless color palette can transform a small space making it light and airy while darker and vibrant tones add extra drama. Incorporating vintage and contemporary elements can add interest and charm that make you go wow!

Adding metallic accents, mirrors, quality lighting, art, and even plants will enhance that luxurious feel; go one step further and float your vanity to create an at-a-home spa retreat. Whether it’s DIY or you opt to go with an interior designer, you should be sure to add features that highlight your particular stylishness throughout your space. Let us look at these ten trendy bathroom ideas that will make your area stand out.

Credit: Chris Little

Nature Focus Bathroom

A bathroom should be inviting, much like this idea captured by photographer Chris Little. Rabaut Design Associates’ creation features a sizeable seamless glass with an inviting view beyond an oval-shaped porcelain tub. The triple bubble lighting by Foscarini Gregg is the focal point, accentuated by the ceramic accent tiles.

Credit: Jolie Korek

Marbled Variants Bathroom

Larger bathroom spaces can accommodate more design aspects and have more than one focal point. This open plan room focuses on a vintage travertine tub that draws attention to the outdoors’ view. Jolie Korek & Company’s idea highlights a Walnut trimmed vanity that pairs well with the linen stand on the opposite side. The elegance of this bathroom extends to the metallic light fixtures and polished Bari Chandelier.

Credit: Jane Beiles

Simple Luxury Bathroom

Susan Glick Interiors showcases this luxurious estate bathroom in New Jersey, where a mosaic vanity topped with white marble stands out behind seamless mirrored cabinets. This modern couple’s bathroom design photographed by Jane Beiles also doubles as a powder room with a metallic finish. A bright purple cushion and choice of plants add some color to the room’s pale palette.

Credit: Debra Kay George

Elegant Venetian Style Bathroom

My Debra Kay George Interiors’ design shifts this room’s focus to the ceiling; a stone mosaic dome and vintage Venetian chandelier Venetian the viewers’ attention immediately. An elevated antique tub creates a sunken look below. The mixture of light and deep tones matches the wrought iron lighting and mahogany-finished vanities.

Credit: Richard Manion

Tile Rug Bathroom

When you think of rugs, fancy fabric pieces come to mind; however, the carpet in this Richard Manion Architecture design is made entirely from tile material. The designer incorporates a gold-accented octagonal tile rug that mirrors the ceiling and chandelier above. A large old framed circular mirror allows natural light from the adjacent window to illuminate the space while complementing the vanity below.

Credit: Jeffrey Delvy

Primary Vintage Bathroom

Vintage Carrara marble spanned throughout this bathroom; it is used on the walls, floor, and sinks to create a unified look. A small tub sits between the sinks that use aged metal pipes as the legs creating symmetry. Designer Jeffrey Delvy incorporates many mirrors within the room, expanding the small space giving it a larger appearance.

Credit: C.A. Nelson

Grand Showroom Bathroom

C.A. Nelson Architecture Group’s idea displays a luxurious, elegant primary bathroom with value-adding features like poured marble floors and blended custom cabinetry. A modern patterned sofa adds to the overall aesthetic within the space and matches the box chandelier above.

Credit: MI Designs

17th Century Elegance Bathroom

Adding flair to a bath means personal extravagance; mirrors, marble, and gold accents adorn this design displayed by MI Designs. A Sunken marble tub with gold faucets sits in the corner of the room, while an antique amethyst chandelier hangs delicately from a domed ceiling. The vintage gold-rimmed mirrors and double sublime colored vanity bring true elegance to this bath.

Credit: GIA

Modern Escape Bathroom

A greyscale palette can be dull; however, this GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens design creates an exciting accent wall and highlights the Aztec pattern within. Greenery adds a splash of color to space where a large white almond shape tub sits. Matte black accents outline the countertop basin, vanity, and mirror, which complement the bath’s fixtures of choice. A wall alcove is strategically placed above the tub to store personal items.

Credit: Edward C. Butera

Pamper Me Please Bathroom

This bath resembles a small home spa, the hot stones surrounding the tub create a floating illusion. Opaque curtains allow for enough privacy and light, in addition to the modern fixtures throughout the space. A full-length mirror blends seamlessly with the beige tile that wraps around the room, creating that relaxing atmosphere. This Marc-Michaels Interior Design, captured by Edward C. Butera, is super welcoming and perfectly balanced.

Now that you have seen each carefully detailed design idea, it is time to get inspired and create a bathroom that makes a statement within your home. Get artistic with textures, lighting, and colors to fashion your extraordinary work of art.