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10 Fabulous Headboard Decorative Art Designs

The bedroom is one of the rooms in your home that is personal and a place of comfort. It is that area you find yourself after a long day at work or want to chill. These reasons are enough to make the bedroom appealing and attractive.

If you are looking for ways to make your bedroom look fabulous, then these ideas may help. It may surprise you to know that making a decorative headboard for your bed can add pizzazz to your bedroom. Got your attention? Then check out these ten fabulous decorative art designs.

Credit: Karel Balas & Paul Bowyer / Henrietta Hotel

Mirror Headboard

This design’s credit goes to Henrietta Hotel, located in London. The headboard looks exquisite, with the circular mirror as the main component. One look at the headboard and you will recognize that it’s part of the wall. The pieces incorporated onto the wall showcase artwork that dazzles. The color theme and brass lampstands add an intriguing touch.

Credit: Hotel Rose Bourbon

Decorative Pattern Headboard

This Elodie & Arnaud design at the Hotel Rose Bourbon in Paris looks terrific. The geometric concept puts the headboard in focus along with the back wall. The room’s finish is lavish with fancy hanging lights, assorted furniture, an oblong-shaped mirror, and accessories. The colors of the bedsheet and headboard match well with the wall.

Credit: Hotel Thoumieux

Fanciful Headboard

India Mahdavi takes interior design up another notch with this fanciful headboard idea. This grand decoration is part of the Hotel Thoumieux bedroom experience. The detailed shape of the headboard is lovely and stands out with the wallpaper. The floor, furniture, pillows, and leopard print on the bed all combine to create a color theme throughout the entire area.

Credit: Karel Balas & Paul Bowyer / Henrietta Hotel

Retro Headboard

If you are into the retro look, then this Dorothée Meilichzon creation by the French designer will grab your attention. The customized headboard with mirror and soft fabric gives that type of vibe. This bedroom is part of the Henrietta Hotel’s fleet of rooms available to guests. The curves of the headboard and the brass lamps give an intricate appearance to the room.

Credit: Forbes + Masters

Metallic Headboard

This Forbes + Masters creation is a dynamic combination of metals, glass mirrors, and fabric-covered headboards. The colors of whites and greys give the room a modern, clean feel. As you can see, the design has many touches. The metal artwork above the headboard adds a sensational touch to the entire room. The lamps and furniture in the room add the finishing touch to give this room a glamorous look.

Credit: Romain Ricard / Hotel Panache

Metal Works Headboard

The Hotel Panache in Paris gives credit of this headboard master to Dorothée Meilichzon. The French designer shows how a well-designed metal tubing headboard can add sophistication to this bedroom. The mirror on the right, neatly tucked in the corner, looks impressive. Did anyone notice the cute antique phone on the left? The wall creates a lovely backdrop with finely detailed patterns.

Credit: Chzon / Henrietta Hotel

Upholstery Headboard

This grand-looking headboard is the creation of Dorothée Meilichzon, a French designer who also designed the retro headboard. This style is also part of the Henrietta Hotel’s fleet of rooms you can rent. The headboard has velvet fabric that gives it a soft feel and luxurious look. The burgundy and blue mixed with dark grays feel cozy as the white sheet makes everything pop! The unique furniture brings additional bling to the room.

Credit: Dimore Studio / Hôtel Saint-Marc

Brass Headboard

Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci make this room pop with color using shades of blue. The brass headboard gives the style a rustic look with the globe lamps, and small tables keep everything clean and tidy. The white bedsheet and curtains help provide a theme in the room, not allowing the various blues to look bland. The floor and ceiling carry the same tones as the walls making the bed the focal point.

Credit: Hotel Grand Pigalle

Fabric Headboard

French designer Dorothée Meilichzon shows she has what it takes to make the simple look exquisite. In Paris, this Grand Pigalle Hotel bedroom has a rustic look due to the color and tones on the walls. The grey fabric headboard comes alive to bring contrast to the wall and the bed. The white bedsheet and rustic-looking wall give the dark grey headboard the ability to stand out. The modern mirror, blue walls, wall-mounted lamp, furniture, and other accessories complete the appearance.

Credit: Desiree Burns Interiors

Mesh Headboard

Desiree Burns Interiors takes an antique-styled headboard and modern accents to make this room look gorgeous. The mounted lamps on the wall overlooking the modern tables look terrific. The large artwork over the headboard works well with the tones of color used on the wall. Every accessory used completes the theme with the blue bedsheet adding the contrast necessary for a glowing finish.

These are some fantastic art decor-styled headboards, don’t you agree? I am sure you will have found at least one or more of these ideas inspiring. If you have a project you want to try or need a few ideas to share with your designer, these will help. If you can, be sure to share whatever designs you come up with, you never know who you might inspire.