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10 Ideas To Display Towels You Gotta Love

Decorating your bathroom can be a task if you don’t have the vision for design. You may be surprised to know how easy it can be to transform this space with slight changes. One of these changes is how you store or display your towels. You will also see other areas in the home you can use for storage so follow along.

Bath and hand towels need somewhere to stay since you will use them often. Your main goal is to create a design or style that corresponds with your vision. If you are having issues thinking of ways you can store or display the towels, I have some ideas you might find interesting. Here are ten of the best ways to showcase your towels.

Credit: Cathie Hong Interiors

Hook, Stool, and Ladder Combination

Designers are known for their creativity, and this bathroom combination is proof of that fact. Credit goes to Cathie Hong Interiors; the designer shows what can do with simple furniture and other materials. I wonder how many of us would have come up with such a design. The room is white with a white tub and a wooden stool and ladder to give it a rustic charm.

Credit: Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

Hallway Corner Shelf For Guests

Those who love to entertain often provide somewhere in their house for those who visit to feel comfortable. Home Made by Carmona’s owner and designer created this masterpiece. The shelf is built in a corner neatly tucked away in the hallway with towels and other display items. This concept is an excellent idea if you are limited on space but need room for towels while keeping everything neat and tidy.

Credit: Raquel Langworthy / Christina Kim Interior Design

Towel Storage Design For Pool House

This Christina Kim Interior Design creation will surely inspire you. The box shelving idea neatly tucked away out of sight is brilliant for any pool house. It uses little space, looks neat and tidy, and keeps the room from looking busy. The storage has plenty of room; as you will see in the image, you can use low cut storage boxes for storing additional items. You can make this idea come alive in your space.

Credit: OreStudios

Minimalist Inspiration

The design is for those who want a small number of things in their home as possible. Ore Studios shows you how far you can take the minimalist concept with a stool to store your towel and nothing more. The stool’s location is in the bathroom, so no drawers or shelves to contend with at all. Do you think you could do this? Maybe this design will inspire tiny homeowners or builders.

Credit: Jenna Sue Design

Basket and Ladder Combo

Credit goes to Jenna Sue Design for this fantastic yet straightforward concept. The ladder is multi-purposeful as it holds the towel and has room for other storage ideas like a caddy for small items. The basket tucked under the chest drawer can hold additional towels, not in use. The style looks incredible, with rustic and neutral tones throughout the room.

Credit: Black and Blooms

Wooden Rustic Stool

One look at this creation by Sara Toufali, a Black and Bloom designer, and you would see its uniqueness. The stool’s design allows for extra storage as the towels take the middle of the seat and other items at the top. The wood of the stool, left in its original state, can be varnished for a glossy look. The room has flowers and other decorations next to the tub and seat.

Credit: Cathie Hong Interiors

Laundry Room Open Shelves

Storing towels in the laundry room comes alive with this Cathie Hong Interiors design. Simple shelving attached to the wall and the cupboard make s for excellent storage for towels and other things. The shelves’ location is above the washing machine and dryer, making it easy to fold towels after washing them.

Credit: Desiree Burns Interiors

Vanity Cubby Opening

This Desiree Burns Interiors design features a double vanity set with a cubby hole separating the drawers. The concept includes two of everything, making it a set for a couple with mirrors and basins. The towels are rolled and placed neatly away when not in use. There is a place for smaller towels resting gently over the bathroom sink.

Credit: French Country Cottage

Antique Vanity and Basket Combo

French Country Cottage designs make this antique vanity, stool, and basket combination look fabulous. The weaved basket under the vanity can hold unused towels for later use. The shelf of the vanity holds the basket and extra towels. You also have a stool that can hold extra towels or useful for seating. The sinks and pipe fixtures make the look complete.

Credit: Desiree Burns Interiors

Modern Ladder and Stool Combination

This Desiree Burns Interiors creation uses the familiar ladder and stool combination of a few other designers in this article. However, the look is more modern with fewer items for decoration. The look is clean yet sophisticated as the ladder, stool, bathtub, and wall art add a nice touch to the bathroom. Whether it is a mordern or rustic style you prefer, the ladder and stool concept is popular.

I am sure you found these towel ideas inspiring and ingenious. What you may find interesting about these concepts is the ability to modify them any way you like to create your style. You don’t have to do a step by step process with what you see here, but rather gain the vision and inspiration you need to create that perfect space you want.