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10 Moroccan Living Space Designs That Amaze

Moroccan living rooms boast a multitude of seating choices for warm get-togethers with family and friends. Moroccan spaces are usually friendly and welcoming with comfortable lounge-like furniture and lush fabrics. Traditional Moroccan style decor features rich colors, lush furnishings, cushions, and pillows; additionally, using stylish Moroccan lanterns and decorating the home walls with potted plants, baskets, and plates creates a soothing outdoor oasis.

Window nooks are a distinct feature in Moroccan designs and can, filled with floor poufs or textured throws for an exciting look. Moroccan and Mexican living room designs share similarities in metallic pendant lights and wall sconces known for their shadow patterns when illuminated. More contemporary and mid-centric homes utilize the multitude of colors, patterns, and textures that come with Moroccan design elements to enhance their generic living spaces adding exciting layers.

Credit: Old Brand New

Outdoor Living

This fun outdoor living room featured on Old Brand New displays a hanging rattan chair suspended from the unit’s cross boards. The lounge seat, accentuated by colorful pillows and sits on a patterned floor tile. Hanging green ferns and outdoor plants add to the natural feel of the nature-centered space. Spending time in such an environment would be a wonderful experience.

Credit: Per Magnus Persson / Getty Images

Contemporary Moroccan Twist

Are you trying to spruce up a contemporary space without going all the way? This Swedish apartment with a primarily white color scheme utilizes a white carven room divider and tassel blanket that complement the room’s theme. Per Magnus Persson’s idea shows how well simple Moroccan elements can add interest and style to traditional living spaces.

Credit: Burnham Design

Eclectic Style

Interior designer, Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design, featured in Lu Tapp’s photo, shows the infusion of significant Moroccan elements in this home in Pasadena. An eclectic vibe is displayed using vintage brass lamps, wrought iron stools, and rug selection to reflect the client’s lifestyle. Other Moroccan elements include the fireplace’s traditional shape and a patterned center table that work well with the brass finishes.

Credit: El Ramla Hamra

Moroccan Pastels

You can accessorize these modern Moroccan living rooms like El Ramla Hamra’s idea with light pastel colors. In this design, a lily-white lounge sofa, accentuated with blush and sequin throw pillows, blends with the room’s airy theme. Traditional floor cushions and copper metallic accents complement each other and complete the look.

Credit: Credit: El Ramla Hamra

Rustic Accents

Another design from El Ramla Hamra displays elements of a neutral color theme. A rough-hewn coffee table is the focal point of the room and complemented by wooden candle holders. The white couch and floor panels lighten the rustic theme of the room, adding a modern touch. This look is all tied together by hand-crafted wooden accessories and a rugged woven rug.

Credit: LuckyBusiness / Getty Images

Outdoor Space

Many Moroccan design features, displayed in this outdoor living room by LuckyBusiness. Carven wooden chairs sit on a textured traditional rug blending with the heavy opened drapes and rustic wooden background. Detailed metal Moroccan skylights hang from the ceiling, adding a sculpturesque hint; these lanterns project intricate shadows onto the roof when used at night.

Credit: Olena_Znak / Getty Images

Rooftop Deck

Moroccan living spaces are very welcoming; this goes for the outdoor rooftop decks as well. Many Moroccan homes take advantage of the country’s climate by incorporating open-air living arrangements. This woven rattan-covered deck embraces the outdoors and, highlighted with vibrant pillows and poufs. In this Olena_Znak idea, the surrounding skyline views complete the outdoor living space.

Credit: Jeff Johnson / Lucy Interior Design

Modern Moroccan Style

Interior designer Lucy Penfield of Lucy Interior Design was inspired to remodel this space using a Moroccan theme. An arched wall nook, decorated with intriguing hues using various throws and powder green paint that matches the pillows on the oversized couch. You can select a bright color palette to give the room a comfortable feel; colorful Moroccan stools and leather poufs add a modern feel to the area.

Credit: Dabito / Old Brand New

Simplistic Accents

Dabito from Old Brand New features this contemporary living room accentuated by vibrant Moroccan elements such as colorful floor pouf and textured rug. Heavy mustard drapes complement the warm space and enhance the presence of golden accents and patterned pillows. Large green floor plants complete the room’s modern, airy theme.

Credit: Dabito / Old Brand New

Moroccan Mid-Centric

This design by Dabito at Old Brand New showcases how many Moroccan design elements work cohesively despite their color or pattern. The traditional stained glass sits above this living space’s entryway that flows into a classic Beni Ourain rug. Lounge-like furnishings and colorful scarves and throws accentuate captures the attention of visitors. Neutral rattan finishes on the traditional coffee table, plant pots, and armchairs finalize the room’s ambiance.

Real Moroccan living rooms are vibrant with bright, colorful walls, metal lanterns, and plush furnishings. The stunning carved ceilings and wooden pieces are enough to inspire anyone and add a dramatic architectural element to any space. Moroccan style has been an inspiration to designers worldwide as you can incorporate it in any area. Are you inspired?