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11 Curtain Ideas You May Like To Try

Providing shade from the sun in your home is a norm for most people. Many individuals use shades, while others use curtains to keep the sunlight at bay. For most people, that norm is to use window shades to cover the windows from the outside. However, others prefer to use curtains to have many styles and colors to beautify your home. Today, we want to look at the various things you can do with your window by using curtains and accessories to beautify and protect your window space. Take a look and see what you think about these styles.

Credit: Masion de Pax

Frilled Curtains

This frilled curtain idea by Masion de Pax makes this room look gorgeous. The curtain has frills at the bottom, which give the window area an elegant appearance. The curtains’ length allows them to reach the floor, and the color adds a touch to the walls. The windows have shutters, so the style works as an indoor addition.

Credit: The Bird and Her Song

Flower Pot Curtains

The Bird and Her Song creation you see here is an ingenious idea. The design uses a shutter to keep sunlight and any prying eyes at bay but allows the plants to design the inside space. I am sure the shutter is opened at times to let in daylight for the plants. This idea has multiple functions as the herbs provide oxygen and clean air.

Credit: Maison de Pax

High Ceiling Curtains

Maison de Pax brings this room to life with this high ceiling creation. The rods run the length of the room where you can find the windows. This concept allows home buyers to buy long curtains. The curtains run freely along the rods on rings attached to the curtain. This design has shades covering the windows, with the curtains providing style to the inside.

Credit: Not Just a Housewife

Do It Yourself Curtains

The Not Just a Housewife creation above is a Do it yourself project that turned out fantastic. The idea consists of a cheap plain white curtain turned into a blank canvas. The creator used potatoes and other vegetables to make designs then printed them onto the curtain. It reminds me of the days gone by, doing similar projects as kids.

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Woven Curtain Idea

This woven curtain idea is from A Beautiful Mess designers. The look is a simple yet eye-catching concept that works for any home area with doors, windows, or a doorway. If you use it at the window, you can add a shade or a short curtain covering half of the window. In this photo, it looks fantastic as a doorway curtain.

Credit: Stephanie Tackett

Antler Curtain Accessories

The Stephanie Tackett creation is a smart way to keep your curtains intact. If you are a hunter or someone who loves these ornament types, you will find this design attractive. The antler, connected to a metal tube, is attached to the wall. I consider this idea ingenious yet elegant; I am sure this will give persons some ideas.

Credit: Architecture Art Designs

Sunny Side Curtains

All curtains are not the same and don’t serve the same purpose. Such is the case with this Architect Art Design creation. The curtains are a bright yellow and white with little frills at the edges. The short curtains work well with the nook, a cool spot for reading your favorite book or magazine.

Credit: Colossal

Designer Curtains

Colossal designs leave nothing to chance with this eye-popping cut out creation. As you would see, the curtain depicts a city’s skyline with its lights during the night. The cut-outs in the curtains allow some level of light to shine through. The curtains also make a focal point for healthy discussion about how awesome it looks.

Credit: Homepolish

Tie-Dye Curtain Idea

If you have plain looking curtains but want to add some pizzazz to them, check out this Homepolish creation. The creator tie-dyed the curtains to give them a fresh new look that is incredible. Notice how the bed sheet has a similar tie-dye look, which allows the curtains and bed to compliment each other.

Credit: The Weaving Loom

Pom-Pom Curtain Tiebacks

I showed you the concept of using antlers as tiebacks for curtains. In this The Weaving Loom creation, the tie backs are made from pom-poms. You can make pom-poms yourself or buy from a craft store or sports store. This design idea means there will be no need for any holes as you only tie the curtain.

Credit: Rose Mitschke

Twist Curtains

This Rose Mitschke design idea is simple but appealing. The curtain’s twist like design originates from switching each piece to the other side. As you can see from the photo, the broader curtain gives an elegant style. I suggest using long and broad curtains that cover the entire window for this look.

These design ideas offer a wealth of knowledge that any homeowner or designer can use for inspiration. I am sure some of these ideas may not have crossed your mind before, so they can give a fresh perspective to what you can do with curtains in your home. Have fun sharing your designs and ideas with others through social media and other platforms.