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11 Extra Wall Space Ideas That Are Functional

Many homeowners aim to make use of every square inch of their home while avoiding clutter as much as possible. This article will show you how to utilize every nook and cranny using those wall alcoves or niches. You can fully customize these decorative boxes nestled inside your home to be functional or purely for decorative purposes. Are you looking for creative ways to squeeze in some extra storage? Take a look at these 11 space-saving wall alcoves.

Credit: Kelly Nutt Design

Wall Niche for Kitchen Upgrade

This wall niche is great for upgrading an existing blank wall in your kitchen. Kelly Nut Design shows a kitchen renovation idea that includes built-in shelving for storing appliances or for use as an open pantry. This concept is an excellent way of saving space and saving money with minor remodeling. This style shows how creative you can be with your kitchen space.

Credit: Christina Wickman Interiors

Built-in Spice Rack

In this Christina Wickman Interiors creation, she created a spice rack by utilizing the space between the range and cupboards. Creating this space for spices and oils used in everyday cooking eliminates the need for moving around; it brings everything within reach. You can also place a phone or tablet while following delicious recipes!

Credit: Amber Interior Design

Bedroom Triple Niche

Wall Niches come in various sizes, which is displayed here in this Amber Interior Design idea. This three-in-one niche shows a large alcove that perfectly fits a twin bed with two smaller nooks, utilized for books or personal Knick-knacks. This overhead storage replaces the bedside table and includes trendy wallpaper and a lamp, making this corner cozy.

Credit: Jenn Feldman

Lounge Niche

If you are looking for a semi-private lounge area, then this niche is excellent for you. This deep nook created by Jenn Feldman displays a cozy lounge with a large window box perfect for breakfast or tea. Two smaller shelved alcoves are included, which can be useful for storing books or displaying family gems and achievements.

Credit: alvhemmakleri.se

Mini Wall Niche

Remember that you can create a wall niche in smaller areas; the goal is to save and utilize as much of that space. One such wall niche idea is this super narrow entryway wall niche showcased by Alvhem, perfect for storing bags, hats, or even coats. If you don’t have the room for a traditional hat closet, this could be great for you.

Credit: Gina Rachelle Design

Home Library Alcove

Reading is fundamental, and as such, your reader’s den should also be. This lightly painted niche nestled between opposite walls is large enough for a small library or a place to unwind. Follow this Gina Rachelle Design idea and create your alluring wall niche. I am sure you will find this an excellent idea. I love the functionality of this space, an excellent idea.

Credit: Brandon Architects

Modern Firewood Niche

Contemporary homes require modern design ideas like this one by Brandon Architects. This two-in-one-wall niche creates an alcove for storing firewood, which adds to this living room’s overall aesthetic. Next to this is a spacious window seat made to resemble a stylish floating bench. It’s a great feeling to store firewood and make it look decorative.

Credit: Megan Georgopoulos

Tiny Office Alcove

Many homes have that odd corner that you are confused as to what you can do. With changing times, the need to work from home increases, thus a small office can be very convenient. Interior designer Megan Georgopoulos features this idea of how installing shelving and sitting stools can create a smart home office.

Credit: Fantastic Frank

Loft Niche

If you host sleepovers or have family who visits from out of town, you know that preparing sleeping arrangements can be hectic. This mini-open loft makes for the perfect wall niche; Fantastic Frank shows how you can transform this bare space into a sleek sleeping nook; a removable ladder makes access to the upstairs comfortable. When not using the area, you can also use it to store luggage, kids’ toys, or large equipment.

Credit: Gray House Studio

Cozy Book Niche

You can transform the odd wall in your living room into a winning wall niche. Gray House Studio features this fully transformed book nook and lounge seat; by adding wallpaper that resembles wooden panels and installing a bench that doubles as a bookshelf, it makes excellent use of this limited space. The choice of lighting adds to that earthy aesthetic and gives the alcove a brand-new look.

Credit: Bunker Workshop

Two in one Kitchen Alcove

Bunker Workshop in this kitchen remodels installed a second niche within this kitchen walls to create additional storage. The triple-level slot utilizes shelving to arrange items and free counter space practically. This alcove stores smaller items like spices to larger items like countertop kitchen appliances. The existing niche is original to the home stores’ crockery and glassware, eliminating the need for bulky cupboards creating a sleek look.

Wall alcoves maximize your square footage without using up floor space, whether you are planning a renovation, doing upgrades, or creating your very own niche. These eleven space-saving wall alcoves showed you how you could bring functionality to your design. Large or small, these ideas are sure to benefit you!