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11 IKEA Home Decor Designs To Consider

IKEA has some of the best furniture that any homeowner or designer can buy. The company is known for its unique styles and easy to set up pieces. Every year the company brings out a catalog with new furniture that has a place in every room in the home. You will see tables, chairs, cushions, storage units, organizers, and furniture for the inside and outside. These are just a few of the items you can purchase from the IKEA store. Are you looking for some new houseware and other intriguing pieces? Then consider these IKEA home decor designs.

Credit: IKEA

HEMNES 3 Drawer / Glass-Door Cabinet

IKEA makes it possible to store items you don’t want to be seen by others and those you want to showcase in one place. In this IKEA photo, you will notice the cabinet has books, bowls, cups, and a pitcher. The tall slim design looks like an excellent choice for the hallway or an area in the kitchen.

Credit: IKEA

NIKKEBY Grey-Green Clothes Rack

This IKEA offer is a smart way for persons to store clothing. As you can see, this style is for those who love the minimalist ideal. The rack has a place to hang clothes, another spot for those you choose to fold, and a place for shoes. The clothing rack is lightweight and will fit in a small space easily.

Credit: IKEA

HEMNES 6-Drawer Chest

The Hemnes six drawer chest is an IKEA option for those who want a place to store their clothing and other personal items. The design might be old-fashioned, but this dresser is new, so no odd smells to worry about at all. The IKEA photo shows how easy it is to decorate the top of the dresser. The drawers are different sizes to hold various types of clothing.

Credit: IKEA

SLÄKT Storage Bed Frame Divan

This type of bed from IKEA is great for extra storage and extra sleeping quarters. This concept is an excellent option for anyone who dreads the bunk bed. Both bed sections are low to the ground and help keep the bedroom tidy as storage is available. This design is an excellent choice for homeowners with tiny houses.

Credit: IKEA

GUNRID Air Purifying Curtain

This IKEA catalog offer is an exceptional idea for any home, especially in these times. This curtain specializes in keeping the air clean through purification. The curtain serves many purposes as it protects the house from the outside like regular curtains and improves air quality. You should check these curtains out.

Credit: IKEA

Set Of Three RAGGISAR Basket

These IKEA baskets are ideal for storing small items without the need for card boxes. They look nicer and offer a tidier look when storing on shelves or in cupboards. These baskets come in different sizes so that they will serve multiple purposes. The baskets’ material is soft and desirable.

Credit: IKEA

KLUNKA Sixteen Gallon Laundry Bag

Laundry bags have become more popular than baskets. The IKEA catalog choice can make an excellent replacement for the plastic basket. Are you looking to change the way you do laundry? These bags will make the laundry room look much more luxurious. Make a statement with this black and white striped design.

Credit: IKEA

APPLARO Outdoor Furniture

IKEA pulls out all the stops with this outdoor table and chair combination. Outdoor living is a big deal for many of us; this creation will enhance that experience. The photo shows the chair and table set complete with a large umbrella, so there is no need to worry about the burning sun. If you have a deck, this would be the perfect addition.

Credit: IKEA

HAVSTA Glass-Door Cabinet

This IKEA creation has some similarities to the first cabinet except for the bottom. This one has double doors instead of drawers to store extra items away. One look at the photo shows it has room to showcase your finery while keeping those things that aren’t for display at the bottom. This design makes a fantastic addition to the living room area, hallway, or kitchen.

Credit: IKEA

RABBLA Lidded Box

This decorative box with a lid cover from IKEA is ideal for storage. The design has a soft appearance, which allows the RABBLA box to be stored nearby. The look of this storage compartment provides personality for your living room or bedroom. It stands out like a piece of furniture that serves stores yet accentuate the space.

Credit: IKEA

BUSKBO Armchair

This IKEA armchair is a creative rattan design that is worthy of a place in any home. The concept is simple, which allows you to add what you want to the back and so forth. In the photo, the chair has a fluffy cushion and looks cozy with the curved back wrap. It could seat two but seems more for someone to snuggle up and relax.

These are only a few of the products IKEA has in its catalog for anyone to purchase. If you love these designs and seek ways to improve your home’s look, then maybe these IKEA pieces can make the difference. Let your imagination take charge as you decide what can work where for you.