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12 Amazing Mirror Décor Ideas

Mirrors can create illusions of depth and space in a room of any size. A mirror can make a smaller room appear larger and act as a stylish focal point. If your area is dark, consider a mirror as it is a great way to brighten the room with neutral light. When we think about mirrors, functionality automatically comes to mind because we use mirrors as a daily household object to get dressed and get a good glimpse of ourselves.

Outside of functionality, mirrors can also be decorative in that they come in many shapes and sizes and range of styles. Whether your décor is contemporary, antique, or vintage, a mirror is sure to make a statement in any room; it could be a full-length mirror in the hallway or a small circular mirror that shines. Whatever your choice, these options below are sure to catch your attention.

Credit: Forbes + Masters

Blended Background Mirror

The mirror in this Forbes and Masters creation creates curiosity and blends seamlessly with the forest-themed wallpaper. The thin black frame’s simplicity surrounding the mirror is just enough to make a statement and remain subtle. The mirror reflects the subject on the opposite side of the room while adding charm.

Credit: Credit: Forbes + Masters

Trendy Fringed Mirror

Interior designers Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters from Forbes and Masters share another creation that incorporates a slightly larger crescent-shaped mirror. This design showcases trend and functionality with large layered fringed art that accentuates the semicircle glasswork. The naturally lit exotic décor of the room allows the mirror to reflect light efficiently.

Credit: My 100 Year Old Home

Retro Rustic Décor Mirror

These primary room remodels highlighted by the blog site. My 100-Year-Old Home carries a rustic theme. Woven baskets on a dated vanity complement the pair of vintage discolored mirrors framed by tattered wood. These mirrors add to the overall décor of the bathroom.

Credit: Thistlewood Farm

Staircase Mirror Wall

Mirrors come in a range of styles and shapes and can be combined to create stylish masterpieces. This staircase project transformed a simple space into an exciting mirror gallery which adds style and projects light. The idea displayed by blogger KariAnne of Thistlewood Farm shows an assortment of mirrors of varying sizes, both antique and contemporary, continuously grown.

Credit: OreStudios

Double Mirror Décor

Full-length mirrors help spread light around a room and bring a more relaxed atmosphere to space. Two mirrors adorn this contemporary style bathroom by OreStudios, one behind the door and another stretching across the vanity. While saving space, the mirrors give a larger room the appearance and brighten the room by reflecting the adjacent window’s natural light.

Credit: Hotel Henriette

Simple Vintage Collection Mirror

In Paris, the Hotel Henriette turned a bare guest room wall into a vintage mirror collection. The focal point, created by interior designer Venessa Scoffier, used small circular mirrors framed with rattan designed into starburst and floral framework; small square mirrors diversify the backdrop. The placement of the unusual shapes adds interest to the room’s aesthetic.

Credit: Christy Q. Photography / Cathie Hong Interiors

Statement Entrance Mirror

The first thing visitors see in any home is the foyer. Adding a mirror to your entryway creates a welcoming, airy atmosphere. This sizeable curved vintage mirror displayed here by Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interiors widens the space as light reflects from many angles. Photographer Christy Q. Photography captures the homey essence of the stained wooden housing the adds to this space.

Credit: OreStudios

Seamless Mirror

OreStudios designed an oversized mirror merely for functionality in this space. The mirror is meticulously placed above the fireplace to create a seamless look; its purpose reflects the large picture window’s natural light. Mirrors of this kind can be simple, or you can customize them to your taste.

Credit: Leclair Decor

Light Amid Darkness Mirror

No matter the size of a room, a large mirror will serve its purpose. This dining room showcased by design team Sacha and Melissa Leclair of Leclair Decor displays a heavily painted black wall accompanied by black furniture and accents. A large rounded mirror, placed to capture and reflect the window’s light, creates a central statement point in the room to lighten the atmosphere.

Credit: Krytondra Mamou Photography / LA Designer Affair

Photo Wall Mirror

This black and white-themed gallery wall by LA Designer Affair adds tiny decorative mirrors to create diversity and lighten the dark-colored wall. A circular, gold-framed mirror compliments the gallery’s frames, while the almond-shaped structure acts as a statement piece.

Credit: Thistlewood Farm

Simple Classic Mirror

Vintage mirrors make for great focal points in any room. This Thisthlewood Farm creation proves to be no different as this vintage ragged mirror adds style to the whitewashed hallway. The greenery within the textured plant pot and golden frame resemble Greek-style designs.

Credit: Krytondra Mamou Photography / LA Designer Affair

Accent Wall Mirror

Photographer Krytondra Mamou captures this piece by LA Design Affair, showing how effectively mirrors can be in small spaces. The octagonal rounded mirror affixed to this accent wall attracts the deep burgundy colored wall. It offers a contrasting effect to the dark décor surrounding it.

Now it is time for you to have some fun with mirrors. Remember, mirrors are multipurpose pieces of art; they create light, open rooms and gives that extra oomph to a room. Whether you mix and match subtle and bold designs or stick to small statement pieces, try to make the design your own. Try these twelve amazing mirror décor ideas to brighten your home!