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12 Canopy Bed Ideas For Girls Bedroom

A canopy on a bed makes a bedroom different from the typical space you may see in a home. They add flair and style to the bed and the bedroom. The belief that such a look is expensive and out of reach is a myth. That is why we want to look at some awesome designs you can create for your daughter to improve her space’s look and feel. You will see many ideas from various designers, so follow along as we take a look at twelve canopy bed ideas for any girl’s bedroom.

Credit: Susan Jay Designs

Hook Canopy

This concept is a do it yourself project that uses hooks to hold the canopy loops to the roof over the bedhead. Credit goes to Susan Jay Designs for such a brilliant design that any girl would love. This creation requires ribbons to keep the drapes in place; you can make ribbons that match the loops for the hooks above.

Credit: Bella Designs Studio

Built-In Canopy

Bella Designs Studio shows how a built-in canopy can make a statement for your little girl’s bedroom. The bed is tucked neatly in the corner of the room, making it easier to add the canopy. You can slide back the curtains to cover the bed or pulled them back for a feel of roominess. The blue on the ceiling and those on the drapes give a nice look.

Credit: Making Home Base

Wooden Box Frame Canopy

Credit goes to Making Home Base for this do it yourself design. The canopy is attached to a wooden box frame, positioned to the wall over the bed. The frame is decorated and painted to match the color theme of the bedroom. The drape is large, which means it can cover a large portion of the bed. The edges of the drape match the color of the bed frame for an even look.

Credit: Russel Taylor Architects

Mini Canopy

Russel Taylor Architects’ concept is a brilliant idea that uses a mini canopy overhead of the bed. The frame that holds the canopy is attached to the wall and extends a distance over the bed. The floral accessories give it an elegant look as the colors of the drapes and bed all follow the bedroom’s theme. Notice how the colors all mesh together despite having slightly different tones.

Credit: Elle Decoration

Camping Canopy

This design by Elle Decoration shows how you can bring the outside into your space. The camping style canopy, held by a string with bulbs that stretches across the bed, looks like a tent. The room’s color with star-shaped accessories on the wall creates the feeling of being under the stars. The potted plants give a nice touch of being in nature to add to the experience.

Credit: Sarah Gordon Homes

Princess Canopy

This Sarah Gordon Homes canopy design will make your daughter feel like a princess. The crown that holds the drape together and keeps it suspended in the air is attractive. The glittery drape also looks fantastic for any princess to enjoy. Every piece of furniture in the room helps to improve the princess look the designer wants to showcase.

Credit: Regan Baker Design

Tent Style Canopy

This Regan Baker Design canopy design is iconic. The canopy is held to the roof by a metal bar with three bolts. This fantastic look will make any girl think she has gone camping even though she is at home. The blue drape stands out as the wallpaper gives it a defining look. The table and poofs add a special touch to the entire creation.

Credit: Frivole

Rustic Canopy

Frivole makes the rustic look of this bedroom come alive with wooden accessories and tree branches that hold the canopy in place. The tree branch, connected to chains, are attached to the roof of the bedroom. The drape hangs from the stick and drops delicately around the bedhead. The wooden stump table and extra pieces of sticks help with the rustic appearance.

Credit: Ukkonooa

Minimalist Canopy

The minimalist design from Ukkonooa keeps everything simple. The canopy hangs from a swing like structure, connected to the roof. The bed is small and has the appearance of a wooden box. The toys and furniture make the room look clean with its bright white colors. Notice the red furniture in the corner of the image to add that pizzazz to the room.

Credit: Our House Now a Home

Royalty Canopy

If you want your daughter to feel like royalty, check this Our House Now a Home creation. The bed, covered by a canopy that covers all sides, is suitable for a princess. The designer’s use of pink drapes and furniture helps the room look ideal for royalty. Whites and greens help the pink stand out among the colors in the room.

Credit: Oh Eight Oh Nine

Enclosed Bed Canopy

The enclosed bed canopy is a design that Oh Eight Oh Nine showcases as a simple do it yourself project. The bed is inside a timber frame that keeps the drape above the bed. The room looks modern with simple accessories on the walls and the bed. The drape and bed match the room’s color with the timber from the frame in its natural state.

Credit: Cecielia Hayes

Overhead Embroidery Canopy

Cecielia Hayes takes an embroidered drape connected to the ceiling and make it a lovely creation. The design is fantastic, with the ring used to connect the drape covered in fancy embroidery that travels from top to bottom of the canopy. The edges of the drape match the color of the room and bed sheet. The chair in the image helps to complete the design.

These are some incredible ideas that any girl would love. Imagine waking up to any of these canopy designs in the morning. I am sure they will put a smile on their faces and be a talking piece for friends and family. If you plan to add a canopy to your daughter’s room, I hope these ideas will give you the motivation and inspiration you need.