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12 Excellent Bedroom Wallpaper Designs

Is wallpaper back again? Some may say it never really went out of style; it has evolved and will be around for a long time. This design element breathes new energy into a room, adding a range of unique colors and patterns. Installation can be a fun home DIY project; however, if this intimidates you, use a professional. Wallpaper accommodates all budgets, so if you are going to commit to installing wallpaper to amp up your space, you can go all out without worry.

Traditionally, wallpaper once covered every wall in a room; however, feature walls are trending and hugely impact a space. You can use this versatile paper to decorate headboards, mirrors, and frames within your home to create a glamorous look. Choosing the right wallpaper can make a small space feel much more extensive; contrasting elements can be a match made in heaven, allowing the design maximum impact when you walk in. Are you ready to learn more? Check out these 12 ideas on how to make your room look chic using wallpaper.

Credit: Eleven 11 Design

Bold Feature Wall

Eleven 11 Designs shows us that everything is bigger in Texas with this oversized bright floral peel and stick wallpaper. The colorful bloomy paper stands out beyond the black accent wall. A yellow chair and fashionable pillows add to the room’s trendy sense. This idea is a bold feature you will love.

Credit: Homepolish

Botanical Charm Wallpaper

Bold prints can add extra glamour to a room and gives the illusion of a larger area. Interior designer Tiny Rich with Homepolish showcases this green and white botanical wallpaper; the large plantain leaf print adds interest to the black headboard. Two golden bedside lamps and textured throws add to the cohesiveness of the space.

Credit: Laura Umansky Interior Design

Simple Elegance Wallpaper

If you prefer a more subtle pattern, check out this idea by Laura Umansky Interior Design. This grey textured wallpaper adds charm to this bedroom filled with cool tones; a grey shaded rug and hanging wall lamps match the wallpaper seamlessly. If you love simple but want elegance, this is your choice.

Credit: Amber Interiors

Tie-Dye Wallpaper

This modern tie-dye wallpaper is colorful and full of life; this room, designed by the Californian design firm Amber Interiors. The Pink patterned wallpaper anchors the space and provides a vibrant backdrop that compliments the multi-colored bedding and shaggy rug. This design is becoming increasingly popular in the interior design arena.

Credit: House of Jade Interiors

Daring Ceiling Wallpaper

This Ocean Flight pattern by Willow Lane Textiles covers the ceiling in this children’s room. This incredibly creative idea, executed by Utah designers of House of Jade Interiors. The teal-colored bird design contrasts nicely with the textured area rug below. This design is available exclusively at Spoonflower.

Credit: Milward Teverini

Customized Wallpaper

Interior design firm Milward Teverini displays this customized Chinese cherry blossom wallpaper in a London townhouse. This cozy corner, accentuated by two trendy feathered bedside lamps and a Moroccan wedding blanket that adds to the room’s deluxe appeal.

Credit: Amber Interior Design

White Tavern Alcove Wallpaper

Californian-based Amber Interior Design shows this cozy wall alcove decorated with a black and white arrow printed wallpaper. The Acapulco-inspired design gives the rooms a fun, youthful appearance and enlarges the small space. This trendy wallpaper is called Tapestry and designed by Caravan Home.

Credit: Ann Lowengart Interior Design

Colorful Prints Wallpaper

This remarkable space by Ann Lowengart Interior Design based in California has to be the most spectacular piece of art. The candy-painted layout is trimmed with a wood veneer wallcovering and has a ceiling highlighted by a prism-shaped wallpaper filled with a kaleidoscope of colors. Metallic accents and pink furniture throughout the room bring the theme together nicely.

Credit: Contour Interior Design

Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper gives a glamorous look to any room and makes it look classy. Here Texan designer Contour Interior Design shows a realistic-looking wallpaper resembling tin ceiling squares which creates a vintage theme. The room’s dated aesthetic, complemented by two antique bedside lamps and a rustic blanket.

Credit: Alison Jennison Interior Design

Creative Headboard Wallpaper

If you want a next-level wallpaper design, take a look into this Brooklyn townhouse decorated by Alison Jennison Interior Design. A geode quartz pattern wallpaper creates a headboard design and an attractive focal point inside the bedroom. Greenery placed inside the space adds color to the grey tones throughout the room.

Credit: Jenny Wolf Interiors

From Ceiling to Floor Wallpaper

In this attic bedroom, black flowery wallpaper covers the walls and ceiling seamlessly. The cozy space by Jenny Wolf Interiors has a low ceiling; however, it appears more extensive as the wrap-around print elongates the walls. The room finished with black bedside lamps and a time clock. An awesome design by Jenny Wolf Interiors.

Credit: Lindye Galloway Interiors

Wall Decals

There is a quick, easy way to get that wallpaper look without the commitment; add personality to your room using wall decals. Lindye Galloway Interiors designed this gold polka dot look by installing peel and stick vinyl decals. These easy-to-clean pieces pair effortlessly with the golden accent pillows and room furniture.

We showed you our favorite ways to decorate your room using wallpaper; it allows you to get creative, whether you are fashioning a feature wall, a headboard, or a full wrap. This timeless craft will spice up your space and give it a fresh twist with little effort. Now it is your turn to have fun putting together your favorites to make your exclusive design!