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12 Inspiring Room Decorative Ideas

Traditional interior décor combines many design aspects to create elegant spaces, from antique accents to statement lighting. Décor for the kitchen or bedroom, these designs integrate both modern and vintage furnishings to give a fresh look that catches the eye throughout the home. Typically, traditional décor often seems overdone and flashy; it requires quite a bit of attention to detail that makes you go wow!

Think of sizeable bold furniture, stylish wallpaper, luxurious rugs, and daring color schemes. Does this sound like what you are looking for currently? Check out these 12 traditional décor ideas to spruce up your home.

Credit: Yes Associates

Eclectic Living Space

Yes, Associates displays the wide-ranging décor that makes up an eclectic traditional living room. A large vintage chandelier is paired with a modern yellow sofa, oversized patterned rug, and complemented by a mid-centric display table; these aspects through different come together to form an elegant living area. The pops of color within the earth tones create the perfect balance.

Credit: Libra Studio

Traditional Contemporary Twist

If you are looking for a modern dining room while seeking that traditional look, then this Libra Studio idea is excellent for you. The grand dining room table and velvet chairs set the tone in this space, combining bold wall art with eye-catching detail. A vintage buffet and custom fabric chandelier add a touch of class to this traditional décor.

Credit: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Color Splash Kitchen

What are your kitchen requirements? If color checks off on your list, Martha O’Hara Interiors has something for you. Hints of neutral tones flowed throughout this space from ceiling to floor and continued to the vintage woodwork displayed on the cabinetry. The elegant chrome lanterns and large midnight blue kitchen island, complemented by the brightly colored counter stools and accents, look gorgeous.

Credit: Homepolish

Grand Primary Bedroom

Adding some fun, inviting features to a formal primary room can create that wow factor! This example by Homepolish showcases a stained grand four-poster bedframe with hand engravements accompanied by two bedside tables of similar color. Brass wall lamps direct the attention of the room to the fluffy accent pillows that adorn the bed. The statement tassel blanket adds some excitement to the organized space.

Credit: Turek Design

Traditional Blue Family Room

This Turek Design brings new meaning to the term feeling the blues; you may see the color scheme as gloomy; however, this design does the opposite. An overstuffed sofa sits in the middle, accompanied by two accent chairs and trendy side tables. The clashing designs pair well with the vintage candle holders, and lamps show balance with a large colorful painting that completes the look.

Credit: Havenly

Vintage Collection

Create a space filled with fond memories using antiques collected over time. This bedroom, decked with a simple bed accented with vintage emblems, looks impressive. The white walls and décor add to the aged feel in the room. The large mirror and contrasting rug immediately grab your attention. The chosen colors incorporate well with the collector’s gems showcased within the space of this Havenly design idea.

Credit: Pinney Designs

Seaside Décor

Pinney Designs created this airy seaside-inspired living space. Old style windows fitted with opaque sun shades allow the natural light to illuminate from the lightly colored walls easily. Consider this painted scenery sitting above the protruding fireplace centers the room. Matching sofas and bookcase add to the nautical feel of this traditional space.

Credit: Interior Anthology

Traditional Den

This traditional manly den has a seamless balance of elegance and rugged décor. The room decked with a piano as the focal point proves to be the perfect place for the creative soul. The small wall nooks and sophisticated leather armchair make this Interior Anthology space a great place to sit back and relax.

Credit: Heather Garrett Design

Blending Decorative Accents

Combining contemporary, antique and vintage designs create unique traditional spaces. Using existing items in your home makes this stylish idea easy to achieve. Interior Designer Heather Garret shows how this antique lamp fitting and modern wall art combine similar metallic accents and colors.

Credit: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Sunny Dining Room

This captivating creation by Martha O’Hara Interiors highlights bright velvet yellow chairs, which complement the brush-stroked curtains. The eye-catching dated chandelier adds to the rustic modern decor; white French doors lead to a deck and provides stunning views of the outdoors. A five-course table setting and decorative highlights complete this look.

Credit: Interior Anthology

Warm Traditional Décor

When you think elegance, warm deep colors and bold patterns immediately come to mind. This Interior Anthology design is no different; an accent chair blends perfectly with the overdressed sofa. The paisley rug and colorful painting, and accent throw pillows tie the scene together.

Credit: Turek Design

Traditional Kitchen Décor

Traditional kitchens generally highlight quality furnishings and simplicity to complete a luxurious montage. These Turek Designs, framed wooden doorways create symmetry, as dark granite countertops contrast the heavily used white décor. The embellished vintage lighting brings the brass faucet within the island and bar stools together nicely.

These tasteful vignettes display how the blending of eras and artistic designs create traditional spaces that stand out. Playful hues, dark wood, or metallic accents, whatever your personal preferences are, you will be sure to spruce up any traditional space. Give these fun ideas a try!