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12 Stair Railing Ideas With Eye Appeal

If I had to ask how many times you enter a home and immediately noticed the staircase, what would be your answer? If you are like I am, you will probably admire the rail style and how it improves the home’s look. The stairs and the rail design surrounding it can make a statement as you enter or approach the stairs. This fact has made this article possible, as I recognize the significance of a stylish stair rail transforming a house’s interior. Here are stair railing ideas with eye appeal.

Stairs in a Modern Home

Modern Farmhouse Look

The farmhouse look has gained much momentum over the years; people love the look. Add a modern touch to the farmhouse design, and you have a style that everyone will want to imitate. The use of black tailored metals stairs rails with a white wall allows for a love contrast. The addition of farmhouse styled furniture nearby will cause everything to pop.

Unique Designs

If you are design savvy, you can create your design that no one else would have done before. Once you have worked on the design, hire a metalwork artisan to make your vision real. Anyone that sees your design will be impressed as they wouldn’t have seen the style before. Think of color for the rails that work with its surroundings.

Industrial Look

The industrial look is another popular choice among designers and those who love an impressive interior. This type of rail looks clean and modern, which gives an elegant appearance. You may notice that most industrial looking stair rails have black paint; however, the stainless steel look works nicely. If you prefer a more colorful look, that can work.

Prison Bar Look

The name of this look shouldn’t cause the design to receive a negative response. The use of iron bars in a vertical position can create an exquisite look to many stairs. The bars can serve both as a style and as an extra handle when climbing or descending the stairs. This idea is unique in its own right.

Artistic Sculpture

Some individuals take the staircase railing design to another level. Many times metal and wood are the primary materials used by builders. The sculpted design uses concrete or fiberglass type materials. The stair rail shape can make the space in that room be a talking piece every time someone visits.

Double wooden staircases in luxury house

Vertical Wooden Bars

The vertical wooden bars design has similarities to the prison bar style. The difference is the materials used to create a dynamic look in the home. An added look to the build would be the wood’s natural look, using a varnish or stain. Wood gives the house a rustic appeal; many designers have been using the rustic look in the homes they decorate.


Wood and Glass

Think wooden stairs using a wood type of your choice. The stair rail should consist of transparent glass that, trimmed with the same wood. You can stain the wood to keep its natural appearance. This style is exquisite and will surely grab the attention of anyone who visits your home. It can be a focal point in the house.

Working on the latest project

Fishnet Appeal

You can use a fishnet in your home for various purposes. I have seen persons add them to their tiny houses as a play space for their kids, dangling overhead. I have never seen anyone use them for a stair rail before, but this is a brilliant idea. The net could be made of rope or use metal mesh for more robust support.

Credit:Jack Hobhouse Cousins & Cousins Architecture and Interior Design

Metal Bodied Stair Rail

A full-bodied staircase can be a talking piece in its own right. You can crate this design if you have the skill or hire someone to design it for you. This concoction is a solid metal sheet that requires bending into the desired shapes and welding the pieces into one to give the finished look. You can paint it or leave it in the natural state for an industrial look.

Credit:Anna Positano Deferrari+Modesti

Colored Metal Mesh Look

Most homes use metal for railing on their staircase due to its strength and lifespan. There are many ways you can integrate metal into your home’s staircase. This design uses mesh-like patterns with solid frame rails for an old school appearance. Use bright colors to enhance the railing style, making it a focal point of the home.

Glass Appeal

You can build a large glass frame to enclose your staircase. This look is attractive to anyone who enters your home as it stands out. The glass should run the vertical length of the stairs touching the roof and floor. Floating stairs look exceptionally well with the glass, but you can use a more conventional approach if you prefer.

Credit:Jacek Kadaj Getty Images

Tension Wired Look

We would usually see tension wires on bridges and other structures that require additional support. What about using that same system to beautify your staircase? Well, that idea is what you can do to make the appearance of your stairway pop with one look. The tension wire serves as support and design at the same time.

These are some of the ways you can more the design of your home be a cut above the rest. Who would have thought something simple as a staircase’s rails could do so much for a home. As you can see, such is the case, so I hope these designs inspire you to get creative.