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7 Great Hidden Door And Secret Room Ideas

Many homeowners have found the idea of a hidden door a viable option in their home. These doors can serve dual purposes as they lead somewhere. A hidden door would lead to a secret room of some sort. Most people call these areas panic rooms; these rooms help protect family members from would-be robbers or assassins. It can also be for the private space when you need to unwind.

You can use them to store valuable as well, if necessary. The door’s design makes it hard to find or even recognize. You can create your personal preference or have an architect do it for you; either way, here are some hidden door ideas to inspire you.

Credit: Erin Williamson Design

Secret Library Through The Dining Room Door

This door leads from the dining room of the home to a hidden library. The creation of the secret room was the result of a renovation done on the house. Erin Williamson, the interior designer, gets credit for this masterpiece. This design is an excellent idea for anyone who has an out-of-place room and needs a plan. This concept could be just what you need. Inside, the library has lovely grey tones that cause a soft appearance with a marble-like floor.

Credit: Erin Williamson Design

View From Outside The Library

The hidden door reveals another view of the design when observed from the dining room. The walls, decorated with wallpaper, have a different look to inside the secret room. When the door is closed, it becomes challenging to tell the door is there as trimming helps conceal the location. You have a sense of what this space feels like since you can view the doorway from either side of the room. The door has specially made hinges that make the door fit flush, leaving no room for error.

Credit: Jonathan Wallen | Peter Pennoyer Architects

Library Bookshelf Hidden Door

This concept is a bit different from the previously hidden door mentioned above. The library is part of the actual door that conceals the secret room. This creation is from Peter Pennoyer, an architect that created a hidden bar in this gorgeous home with its turquoise paint job. The details on the wall and door can increase the possibility of the door remaining hidden from the keenest of eyes. The hinges that hold the door in place must be robust as the books will bring added weight. This one should offer renovators and homeowners inspiration for their build.

Credit: Lauren Pressey | John McClain Design

Hidden Coat Closet Door

I have added this one, even though the door still seems visible due to its color against the wall. Designer John takes credit for this design, and the door has no visible knobs for locking or unlocking function. The hidden door uses a magnet and a latch to remain connected and stationery. The giveaway to this door is the color choices and design on the door. The mechanism that opens and closes the door gets applause for a job well done. I am sure this concept will give those interested in building a hidden door some ideas.

Credit: Stephen Allen | John McClain Design

Staircase Hidden Door Hideaway

This staircase creation has all the bells and whistles that make for a great hidden door. A staircase location is a classic place for a secret room. Take a look at the picture to see if you can find the entrance. This design is a John McClain masterpiece that leaves no signs of entry anywhere. The door and walls are the same color, which helps to camouflage the door and any chance of finding it. This concept is exceptional and would be one of my choices should I do a secret room.

Credit: Laura Medicus Interiors

Hidden Wardrobe Entrance

This wardrobe concept is the simplest of the lot you will see in this article. Credit goes to Laura Medicus, the interior designer who created this playroom for her daughter. The wardrobe works as an entryway to the closet space built into the house. The structure and closet’s combined area gives the space enough room for the little one to enjoy. If you have something like this at home or equivalent, this could be a neat secret room project.

Credit: Laura Medicus Interiors

Hidden Reading Nook Door

This one is special; I am sure you can’t pinpoint the door from looking at the photo. This reading nook creation’s design comes to us from Laura Medicus, a brilliant interior designer. The previous design was for her daughter; this one is for herself. The natural wood throughout the nook makes finding the door more difficult. The added furniture doesn’t help either; who would believe there is a door behind the chair? Well, there is a door, and the concept should prove an inspiration for anyone seeking ideas.

Credit: Creative Home Engineering

Hidden Fireplace Door Design

Creative Home Engineering held nothing back when they brought this design to life. This creation takes a luxurious blue walled fireplace and makes it the entrance to a secret room. The wall surrounding the door has framed posters that create a smart distraction from what is before the eyes. The fireplace mirror is an added distraction as you focus more on yourself than the secret the fireplace keeps. This concept was brilliantly done by the Creative Home Engineering team; kudos to them.

Credit: Creative Home Engineering

Hidden Fireplace Door Bonus Photo

This image shows the creation by Creative Home Engineering after opening the doo. The door slides to the right if you face it to reveal a well-hidden room for family and friends to disappear into the walls. The mechanism that keeps the door in place and allows it to move smoothly is durable and sophisticated; notice the space between the fireplace door and floor.

I am sure you will find these hidden door designs superbly done by the various architects, designers, and builders. If you plan to make your hidden door for a secret room, I am sure these will inspire you to showcase a new style that will turn heads or remain confidential, your choice.