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9 Awesome Bathroom Ideas For Your Basement

Do you have an unfinished basement that needs completing? Maybe the basement is almost done, but there are places still to be finished? What about the bathroom? Have you decided on a design and the materials you will use?

Well, if you are among those who are still working on the basement bathroom, then this article should be interesting. You will find several designs that individuals used to create their personal space. Trust me when I say that these are some inspiring ideas that you will love and should try or modify. Here are several bathroom ideas for your basement.

Credit: Construction 2 Style

Floral Inspiration

This bathroom takes you back to nature with the essence of a flower field. The cute wallpaper with various flowers spread out creates a canvas of delicate beauty. This concept is a bold look and requires those who are brave enough to something like this. Do you have what it takes to try this Jamie and Morgan Molitor creation?

Credit: Kaemingk Design

Elegance Redefined

What we define as elegant maybe changing as this Chelsea Kaemingk will prove. The ceiling mounted shower is essential for home buyers and owners who prefer to have the water falling from way above their heads. The accessories used help to make a statement in the bathroom, with the small window allowing natural light into the room.

Credit: Quinn’s Place

Tiling Feature

The tile design may not be new, but it works as a focal point and showcase the bathroom’s beauty. This Blogger Quinn design shows what you can do when renovation an old house to look modern without losing the appeal. The bathroom fixtures and the transparent glass add a special touch to this space. Notice how the colors of the shower and vanity all mesh.

Credit: This Is Our Bliss

Beach Feel

You can make your basement feel as though you are elsewhere even if you are not. This design by Rachel of This is Our Bliss design company shows how to do it. There are plenty of whites to brighten up this space and delicate colors to make the room pop. The photo on the wall with a beach helps to create the right vibe.

Credit: Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry

Do It Yourself Vision

There are a lot of persons who are doing their renovations without any prior experience. This Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry creation by Erin shows how easy you can do it. Tons of videos show how to make or fix this and that. The navy blue vanity stands out due to the white wall and the white sink. The extras look fantastic with the gold trimmings and dark wooden shelf.

Credit: Fresh Exchange

Earth Tones

Earth tone colors have a natural feel and appearance that are soft on the eyes and lovely to behold. This Megan Gilger creation shows you what I am talking about as she mixes the shower, toilet area, and floor with various colors that blend. The room’s earthy vibe becomes complete with an oversized white vanity with large doors. The large mirror adds a nice touch as well.

Credit: Jennifer Allwood Home

Bright and Modern

This Jennifer Allwood Home design is bright and modern. The bathroom has clean lines yet is very detailed in its outline. The light colors all mesh together like a symphony, with the turquoise vanity standing alone as the focal point. The shower door is another focal point giving the room a double feature as a talking piece.

Credit: Valerie Wilcox / Sarah Richardson Design

Mixed Marble

Knowing how to mix different types of marble takes a keen eye. This Sarah Richardson Design company shows how to do it. The shower is a mixture of marble and tile of similar shades of color. The custom vanity has a similar-looking marble that accentuates the entire room. One look and you will fall in love with this style. The shower fixtures, floor tiles, and a glass mirror complete the look.

Credit: Tiffany Leigh Design

Basement Shower For The Dog

Tiffany Leigh pulls out all the stops to create this design for the family dog. How many of us have a bath dedicated to the dog or dogs? Well, in this design, Tiffany shows you what you can do for your dog, so they feel like family in every way possible. The shower is taller than usual, allowing you to stand while bathing the pooch. The paintings and large mat on the floor add an excellent finish.

The designs above are truly inspiring for those who want to finish or renovate their bathroom in the basement. You can create your style by drawing ideas from the designs of these professionals. If you do yours the same way, that isn’t an issue either; it is all about what you want and how these designs make you feel.