Real Estate

Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Generating Business

In the real estate market, listings and sales are name of the game. Real estate agents receive these valuable leads by making connections with community members and business’ owners by publishing their name as well as photo in every means available.

Over recent years, the competition to make a lasting impression has been fierce and marketing the real estate agent’s name has gotten more expansive and expensive. Consumers can find these agents’ name on billboard signs, website banners and on the pages of many newspapers however, are these the agents that make the lasting impact in the consumers buying decision?

Many real estate agents are now using the “Back to the Basics” approach to selling real estate to better connect with their clients and to form connections that will last a professional lifetime.

Building the Basic Plan

Agents are now connecting with their clients on a more personal level. Meeting with not only the primary decision maker but with the whole family. Getting to the primary “need” is important. The agent must ask questions and listen to the answers provided. Why do the homeowners want to sell? What are they looking for in a new home? Why don’t they want to stay in their current home? The agent must get to the primary need and discover the underlying wants of the client. This can only be achieved by face to face interaction.

Think “Old School”

While many seasoned agents are trying to break into the days of technology, many rookie agents are looking to the past for help with marking. Agents need to make the connection with consumers and what better way to do this than with an old fashioned hand shake and a genuine smile. There are many ways to agents can promote themselves without the help of modern technology. The agent can go door to door in a neighborhood where they have a listing, bake cookies for the neighbors or relatives of the client or help the client host a moving sale with the agent on hand to show the home to perspective buyers.

Lean on Local Businesses

If the agent supports local businesses in the area, chances are that business will also support the agent. Networking with area businesses is as simple as showing patronage and meeting the employees and owners. The agent should ask the owner if they have a bulletin board available where the agent can post a business card and in return ask if the business can spare some business cards for the agent to hand out as well.

Support Charity Events

Charity events and fundraisers are packed full of consumers who are motivated to make a difference. Many of these individuals decisions rely upon networking with other professionals who are common minded and who also share a common goal or passion. Agents should attend events that have meaning to them on a personal or professional level and should also be knowledgeable about the event that they are attending. Generating business from a charity event is an easy as making an appearance, meeting new people and having a great time for a great cause.

Send Kind Words

Many agents are skipping the email and text and are opting to send kind words through greeting cards. The agent can send these cards for any holiday, special event or just for following up with the client. The card should be hand written and personally signed by the agent to ensure that the client receives a personal feel from the card.

These are just some of the steps real estate agents can use to get back to the basics with their clients. The most important factor to remember is that the client is an individual, unlike any other, who has fears and obstacles to overcome. The agent must make that lasting impression and become not only the real estate agent but also the trusted professional. This can only be achieved by spending the extra time and care with each and every client both inside the home and in the community.